Exam Fever

My first blog post!!!

I am really chuffed by God. We just got our final exams timetable and I couldn’t be more excited!

Exams are not my favorite, well ever since I started varsity, but now I just want to study,write and pass. Get it all over and done with. My  timetable just showed me how much God gives His children second and third chances. I do not have back to back exams,everything is just perfect, I needed this. This is God giving me a third chance to actually DO MY BEST. I’m not saying that those that have back to back exams are not favored by the Lord, its just that some are more favored than others (jokes): I think that we have different journeys in life and everything works together for good for those that loveth the Almighty. Therefore,just because you have back to back exams it doesn’t mean that God loves you less, maybe you need the pressure.

Well, some people are not even concerned about the timetable; fear is dealing with them.Proper. One blogger defined fear as “a prison with invisible walls”, totally agree with this definition. Fear is something that cannot be seen,yet when it hits you, you become it’s prisoner and often at times we cannot easily escape it. We need the best lawyer in town!

Genesis 1:26 says God gave his people dominion over EVERYTHING. Therefore fear has no authority whatsoever to exist in our minds. We defeat fear by faith. Faith that He that has begun a good thing in us will finish it. You just have to realize your status and step on with faith.

Remember: just because you have faith,it does not mean that you will not feel anything. It is not like now everything will be clear and will be at peace; that is the goal, but while you’re still studying you will feel a bit intimidated by these exams and will think less of yourself. Use this mustard seed  to “step away from fear through a positive action that says ‘yes’ to God”. Study. Be prepared.

In a month or so our results will be out, lol, wow! So endure this heat. It will totally be worth it.

As you study, know that the Holy Spirit is with you. Take a deep breath, and walk out of this “prison”.

You’ve got this!


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