We don’t always thoroughly comprehend the things we say.

Trust the process, endure the race.

God is the Lord of all, and if we believe this then we will know that He is always there. Through our intended mistakes, repeated sins, low and lonely nights, depressions, failures…and all the great and honourable times in between.

Psalm 139:5 says He hems from behind and before and lays His hand upon each of us. I love reading this verse in vernac which translates;

” Ungitungeletile ngemuva nangembili,

wabeka sandla sakho ngetulu kwami.” (Siswati)

(I always place my hand over my head to understand what laying His hand feels like. Try it.)

Trusting the process means trusting the unknown, unseen. It requires a certain level of madness.


” It is not until you are standing naked and vulnerable with all that you thought you knew stripped away, that you really are forced to practice, live and breathe that profound level of trust.” – Connie

Trusting the process is in the waking up each day and allowing the little-caged hope inside of you to give you strength for the day. It is allowing yourself to build that which you hope for, block by block, at your own pace, even it falls apart each time you do.

We don’t trust the process when we see the results, but we do so at the beginning of the journey.

Trust the process, whatever that is for you.


– Billboard of mercy






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