One of my favorite colleagues this week reminded me that “I should never burn bridges”. This phrase is of course not new, yet it bore much fruit.

For context’s sake;

He had given me money to buy a soft drink because I couldn’t drink the rooibos tea he was drinking on Friday. The money was more than what the drink costs…I then bought chips and the actual drink. This was the second time I did not return his change but spent more than I had asked.

In both occasions, I was right in my own right; we had people with us that were hungry so people had to be fed, leadership angitsi!

But, at the core of it, I was wrong on both occasions. It is his resource to dictate what must happen with it.

This “don’t burn your bridges” reminder stuck with me, not that I was feeling guilty, but it made me realize how important it is for the people around us to trust us, and to never think twice about giving us more than we need, trust that we will return what we never “needed” or asked for.

This is important across all spectrums;

We need to be reliable with people’s personal information.

We need to be present friends, not just once off buddies (if the essence of the friendship was not a once off thing).

We need to keep the promises we make (I’m still working on this)

We need to be decisive people so as to not confuse those around us.

We need to have solid relations with our tutors/ lecturers/ employers, etc.

Depending on the context you find yourself in, learn to never burn those bridges, floods are unpredictable. Be emotionally intelligent, control your tongue (you may think it, but you don’t have to say it).

Thank you, Sdava.

– Billboard of mercy 


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