One of my favorite colleagues this week reminded me that "I should never burn bridges". This phrase is of course not new, yet it bore much fruit. For context's sake; He had given me money to buy a soft drink because I couldn't drink the rooibos tea he was drinking on Friday. The money was…



Trusting the process

We don't always thoroughly comprehend the things we say. Trust the process, endure the race. God is the Lord of all, and if we believe this then we will know that He is always there. Through our intended mistakes, repeated sins, low and lonely nights, depressions, failures...and all the great and honourable times in between.…

Notes from the battlefield.

This is so beautiful!

I would love to copy and paste this prayer in my heart so I never forget it and let it become part of me.

hannah brencher.

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I used to think it was my grandmother who turned me into a writer but now I know it was my father.

My father, though he doesn’t always say a lot of words, is the most vocal of men when it comes to action steps. He uses his hands. He shows up. He helps anyone and everyone who needs it. “Showing up” has become a buzzword. I’ve used it so much that I am sometimes want to cut off both my hands so that my fingers can never type it again until they truly, truly know what it means. I’m not an expert in showing up— I am simply trying to get better by texting back, knocking on people’s front doors with wine glasses in my free hand, and choosing not to walk away.

Growing up, I could not be more embarrassed by my father. I was 12 years old…

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